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Uniforms by M.C.O

We understand that no two partners are the same, whether it be in team size, need or use. There is plenty of ability and flexibility to tailor a clear and cohesive vision - allowing each individual to be comfortable and look the part.

Uniforms: Sauce Barbershop

The Sauce team and concept are built on some of the shared values and foundation that Morris, our founder instilled through the business and way of life.Sauce are a traditional barbers, with a big...

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Ranging from uniforms for the Armed Forces in the 20th century, to contemporary brands in the 21st century

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To mark the launch of their latest Aparthotel, Buckle Street Studios in East London, M.C.O kitted out the Buckle Street team marking the shared synergy between both brands. With a...

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M.C.Overalls uniformed all front of house staff for D.O.G.D.E at the centre of this immersive courtyard installation was an old school fairground dodgem ride, restored and re-imagined. Complete with artful...

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