Uniforms: Locke

To mark the launch of their latest Aparthotel, Buckle Street Studios in East London, M.C.O kitted out the Buckle Street team marking the shared synergy between both brands.

With a neutral colour palette, bold furniture and a dreamy exterior, Locke’s ethos of "Made to be Lived In", and our mantra of 'we Work Hard’ brings together a positive message for the everyday.

"Equally, we are gender neutral and non-binary so the fact that our products can be worn however the individual would like to wear them was something that was very attractive to Locke.."

As a brand we wanted to celebrate and partner with Buckle Street Studios to enable this shared messaging but also to inspire and encourage people through the successes and passions of the Buckle Street Studio team. As a gender neutral concept, our product can be personalised to suit any individual, providing an informal and natural consistency across the team at Buckle Street Studios.