Community of Crafters: Luke mcgarry

M.C.O's Community of Crafters is a collective of individuals and groups that embody the shared values that have driven our brand for 100+ years. Together, we strive to provide inspiration and a "lead by example" approach, through a contemporary lens whilst also demonstrating our community in hard-wearing, versatile, everyday staples - built to resist.

Luke McGarry is an award-winning, Manchester-born, LA-based cartoonist, illustrator, animator, musician.

“I’ve been a fan since 2017, so a pair M.C.O. trousers or their famous coach jacket is not an unusual feature in my day-to-day wear". At Wondercon in Anaheim, CA, Luke was kitted out in M.C. Overalls exclusively to not only exemplify the motto ‘We Work Hard’, but also, as Luke mentions " show that you can wear their gear whilst just sitting around drawing cartoons. Haha.”

“M.C.O. and I are embarking on a bit of creative collaboration together, and where better to start than with a comic delineating how I came across, and subsequently fell in love with, M.C. Overalls’ colourful, gender-neutral workwear.”

"M.C.O is an iconic UK workwear brand that’s been around since 1908. Luke McGarry is a UK-born cartoonist who hasn’t been around quite as long but is equally legendary in his field (yes, Luke wrote this and is refusing to edit it.)"