Community of Crafters: Geo Law

M.C.O's Community of Crafters is a collective of individuals and groups that embody the shared values that have driven our brand for 100+ years. Together, we strive to provide inspiration and a "lead by example" approach, through a contemporary lens whilst also demonstrating our community in hard-wearing, versatile, everyday staples - built to resist.

Meet Geo Law

A true crafter at heart. Some of Geo’s inspiration comes from watching his parents, as immigrants, build a grassroots business. Despite uncertainty, Geo highlights his freelancing approach as a way to embrace various projects around the world wherever it is that might take him. The approach to a craft, can often look different to various individuals, but in the end we believe it’s all about the meaning behind the work ethic, pursuing passion, and showing up consistently, that truly matters most.

He shares a little bit about ‘Doodle Club’ a safe space for all levels to gather, and express themselves on a blank canvas, without any judgement. Essentially, the act of scribbling funny nonsense and embracing a bit of mindfulness in the process.

“I like characters and mascots because they’re good for hinting at values and representing a brand or a cause...”

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