The M.C.O Journey

Driven by a simple idea - #WeWorkHard

It’s a belief that has guided us since 1908 when Morris Cooper founded a workwear company on Middlesex Street in London.

Meet Morris, a self taught tailor, who grafts.

He travelled to London to establish a workshop in the East of the city in 1908.
Naming it M.Cooper Overalls, the long journey to present day began.

As a fledgling workwear brand, Morris specialised in durable uniforms for the working man and woman; Seaman’s suits (denim jackets and trousers) and of course overalls ranging from a Butcher’s Apron to a Carpenter’s Bib and Brace.

In Morris’ own words "What we did, we did with pride. What we did, we did to be simple and yet exacting”

Today: We stand as one of the UK's oldest workwear brands. Whilst staying true to our heritage, we have updated our approach for the present day. We produce classic, hard wearing, everyday staples, reviving our original ethos of making “durable uniforms for contemporary workers”.

We encourage individuality, self-expression & inspire people to work hard by applying a contemporary lens to our workwear heritage.

A snapshot of an advert for Boiler Suits M.Cooper Overalls had put out in the Daily Herald on October 19 1956.

“Every time you think you know the answers someone changes all the questions. But this must never alter the resolve to go forward.”

- Morris Cooper, 1932

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