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 Morris Cooper

“Every time you think you know the answers someone changes all the questions. But this must never alter the resolve to go forward.” 
Morris Cooper, 1932

M.C.Overalls is a brand driven by a simple idea: We Work Hard. It’s a belief that has guided us since 1908 when Morris Cooper founded a workwear company on Middlesex Street in London.

In 1908 a young Morris Cooper, self taught in tailoring, decided to leave Eastern Europe and travelled to London in 1908 setting up a small workshop in Middlesex Street, E1, establishing M. Cooper Overalls Ltd.

With the outbreak of war in 1914, shipping for non-essential merchandise became almost impossible, so the UK factory, which had grown to about 600 people started manufacturing army uniforms.

In 1931, Morris shifted production to workwear. The company specialised in seamans clothing which in effect was denim trousers, denim jackets, and various types of overalls from a butchers apron to a carpenter’s bib and brace. Within 6 months, we were installed in a new factory in Stratford E15.

In September 1939, with the outbreak of war, Morris telephoned the war office to enquire what they needed and received a very large order for denim fatigue suits. With good stocks, there was no selling necessary, just ‘supply what you can’ and gradually the military side took over about 70% of all production. Tragically however, Morris was killed in November 1940 when a war plane came crashing down leaving his son Harold Cooper to take over the business.

The brand has withstood wars, market crashes, and business changes, and has always managed to come back stronger. So in 2016, coming full circle Morris’ family along with some friends officially relaunched M.C. Overalls.

Whilst staying true to our heritage, M.C. Overalls have updated our approach for the present day.

We produce classic, hard wearing, everyday staples, reviving our original ethos of making “durable uniforms for contemporary workers”.

Creating clothes with an enduring style and quality that are gender neutral.

Creating clothes with an enduring style and quality that are gender neutral.

M.C.O Store

M.C.Overalls values industry and endeavor, the simple done well, and beauty in the everyday.

With our store on Brewer Street in Soho, M.C. Overalls actively look to collaborate with local artists, musicians, various businesses and causes as a part of the enduring London community we strive to support.


We Work Hard

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