'We Never Closed' is Tim Head’s love letter to Soho. Producing a collection of forty pieces in nine different designs – three jackets, four long-sleeve and two short-sleeve t-shirts – the project focusses on many of the locations that made Soho so legendary; from bars such as Heaven & Hell (synonymous with jazz, decadence, drink, and trouble) to haunts such as the Palais De Luxe (famous for their slogan “We Never Closed”, harking back to their refusal to shut during The Blitz). Exclusively available at our Brewer Street store.

Tim Head (born London, 1980), is a multimedia artist and graphic designer. He has exhibited all over the world, including at locations such as the Tate Modern, Somerset House and the Saatchi Gallery. His last exhibition Apocalypse Mon’ in Berlin, 2018, was an exploration into recent world events such as London knife crime, Brexit and gun control.

As a designer Tim has been commissioned by clients such as Adidas, BrainDead, Champion, Heavenly Recordings, LAW Magazine, Nike, NTS, Ralph Lauren, Vans, and many more. His latest project, We Never Closed, is a love letter and exploration into London’s Soho, a place that historically has played a major part in his life, upbringing and cultural learning.

Photography by Jermaine Francis 

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