“What i wear is important, its a pretty vigorous role, and a lot of heavy lifting, so you need something that's heavy duty and can last a long time”

The humble cup of coffee both versatile and without doubt a daily staple that requires both skill and patience to get just right. Equally the barista is an aged skill that crafts & grafts all day to produce a daily essential for anyone and everyone.

M.C.Overalls values industry and endeavour, we value community and like to find and work with local enterprises who show what grafting can look like today.
There is no better place to illustrate this than Flying Horse Coffee.

Since our relaunch, M.C.Overalls has partnered with Flying Horse Coffee, kitting out their team at Mare Street Market and also in White City. Now they have just opened a new coffee shop on the Golborne Road in Notting Hill and we wanted be there to support them as they continue their journey.